Spirit of Aloha yoga





What we offer


Rainbow Warrior Retreat
Hawaii, November 2020

Fall 2020 you’re invited to the Big Island of Hawaii. We will offer a week long experience you’ll remember forever. The Land of Rainbows radiates the beauty of all colors of the rainbow. We all posses the wide spectrum of colorfull qualities of the rainbow. Tune in, tap into and align yourself through this colorfull and creative exploration with us. Together we’ll experience what it is to live with ‘The Spirit of Aloha’.

The Netherlands, 2020

In our workshops we offer a sneak peek of our retreats. At the same time this is our way of bringing the ‘Spirit of Aloha’ to the Netherlands. We dive deep with the support of yin yoga, meditation, shamanic Hawaiian healing techniques and rituals. The workshops range between two hours to a full weekend. Every time feels like an adventure of it's own.

One on One Sessions
Ask for dates and times

In a one-on-one session you receive healing accustomed to your needs. For trauma release and past wounds we use the Ho’oponopono or and EFT tapping. For physical complains or ‘ancestral clean up’ we offer Reiki. And for energy blockages we use yoga, meditation or a combination of all the above. Ask and let us know what you need.


Explore Nature

When we refer to nature, we often talk about that what lives outside of ourselves. The forest, the ocean, the mountains, the jungle. What about your inner nature, the Hawaiian islands that live inside of you? As inside so is outside and as outside so is inside. Explore your inner nature through your outer nature and visa versa. You might get to know something you never expected and feel or encounter something you never experienced.


Rest & Reset

Our accomodation is on the Big Island of Hawaii right next to the ocean and on the lava. There are several options. There is the Ohana house. Ohana means extended family and applies to all the people in your life towhom you feel connected. This space has its own kitchen en bathroom. You can choose between a double bedroom or a twin bedroom. The Lava Temple is close by and holds our Sacred space. Here we will do yoga, workshops and ceremonies. Underneath the Sacred space is another double bedroom and a special once-in-a-life-time ‘off grid’ accomodation for an adventurer who's looking for the real Hawaiian experience.


Reserve Your Adventure

Hawaii is the land of adventures. We’ve explored the best spots for you to rejuvenate, heal, play and rediscover yourself. When you join us on one of our retreats we will take you swimming with the turtles, go on a silent walk across the Volcano rim, and sunbathe next to the ocean on the black lava sands. Every time will be different, that's what adventure is all about.


Plant based Food

Yoga extends to all aspects of life. Nourishing our cells with high quality organic plant based foods is an important part of our practise. Our splecialised cook will make sure you feel wholesome, satisfied and cleansed in a super yummie delicious way. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements.